30% of US adults bet on Super Bowl

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events to take place in the US. This annual championship game of the National Football League is also one of the most watched American television broadcast and has an average audience of over 100 million viewers! And when a sport is that popular there is bound to be some bets doing the rounds. It seems that NFL betting during the Super Bowl is perhaps as popular as the game itself, and a recent survey is only a further indication of this.

Well believe or not it was found that 31% of American adults who were surveyed said that they have bet on the outcome of the Super Bowl at some stage in the past. The survey also found that 41% of men have placed bets on the game compared to the 21% of women who bet on the Super Bowl. And here is the best news of all, 44% of the participants said that they had won over $100 while 14% said they had lost $100 or more.

But the most interesting piece of information that this survey has revealed is that 20% of the participants said that they would miss a wedding of a close friend or family member to watch the Super Bowl if their team was playing and 19% said they would miss the funeral of a loved one! 15% of people showed their real allegiance to the game when they said they would even miss the birth of their child to watch the game! Now that’s saying something people. It’s quite evident that the people of America love the Super Bowl and come hell or high water they are not going to miss out on the game. The betting on the Super Bowl ranges over domestic bets made among friends to bets made on at the field with professional bookies and of course the most popular means of betting now is online sports betting. Bettors can get instant updates online and place their bets right from the comfort of their homes.