A Deadly Concoction of Seven Sins

Some men dream big, but Fabrizio Boccardi, a business investor, is dreaming bigger than any normal man can. Boccardi plans to publish a comic book series, launch a movie franchise, establish an entertainment empire, and build a multibillion-dollar US casino in the heart of Las Vegas! Now that is quite a dream. And all these projects have one inspiration, the graphic best–selling novel that Boccardi helped create along with this author John Land. ‘The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending’ is a novel that mixes both Boccardi’s own life experiences with some fiction. It’s about a self made Italian business man who rises to power. Seven Sins offers everything that you would expect from a Vegas-based story. There is crime, action, adventure, gambling, luxury, violence and some dark secrets too. Boccardi plans to to use the inspiration of the character of Tyrant and apply the same mind set in his dream entertainment empire.