Betting In Poker

Poker is a game that requires a good amount of skill, strategy and a pinch of luck. The knowledge of the basics of betting in poker, the betting sequence and the limits is fundamental to be successful. Poker in USA is so popular and competitive that you will need to know you all can about the game.

Betting In Poker

Poker Bets
When playing poker, you have to start with a bet just to be able to take part in the game and receive your cards. This starting bet is known as an Ante (not ant). The following bets will be added to this one and form the pot going to the final winner. The betting order goes clockwise and when is your turn you can choose one of the following options:

Bet – in case your bet is the first of the table, you’ll have to wager an amount within the limit of that particular table.
Check – with this move you can stay in the game without betting. You have this choice when your are the first player or when the player before you has checked.
Call – with this bet you intend to match the amount that has been bet from the player before you. In case another opponent raises your bet, you need to add more money and reach that amount to stay in the game.
Raise – with a raise you not only match the amount that has been bet from another player (call) but you also add more money (raise).
Fold – if your hand is not good then you might decide to fold your cards. When folding you basically give up during that round and you have no chance of winning the pot, but you won’t have to bet either.

At the completion of the betting in poker round, if more than one player is still in the game then there is the showdown. All the players will show their hands and whoever has the highest, according to the poker rules, wins the pot. If only one person remains in the game after one of the betting rounds, then he/she doesn’t have to show his/her cards and take the pot.

Betting tactics
When playing poker, strategies are very important. Knowing that you know the basics of the game we would like to give you some useful betting in poker tactics that will improve your game and your chances of winning.

Re-raise: when an opponent raises your bet, if you think you have a hand good enough, you can decide to re-raise him. Doing this they’ll be forced to add more money to your re-raise in order to stay in the game. In some poker rooms the re-raise can be done as many times as the players decide, others will set a max of 4 bets in each betting round.

Check-raise: sooner or later you’ll find yourself with a strong hand. To make the most out of it you can decide to check your opponents and wait for them to do their bets. When all the players have done their bets you can then raise in the same betting round. This technique is very effective when you hold the right cards, but can also be risky, especially if your opponent decides to check too or if he/she has a better hand and re-raises you.

Check-call: if your hand is not bad and you think other players are holding something better in their hands you can try to prevent a raise just checking and calling.