Fruit Bowl XXV slot game

Fruit Bowl XXV slot

The way that RTG can turn something really serious into something extraordinarily amusing is truly remarkable. Take the Fruit Bowl XXV slot game for instance. You have a team of gruff footballers. But the footballers aren’t strapping young men with buffed up bodies, the players are a bunch of grapes!! RTG has slapped football jerseys on a couple of grapes who are all set for game time.

This is funny as hell, but RTG has an even bigger sense of humor and they have added a hilarious mini game to the main slot game. If you get 3 or more scattered Fruit Bowl XXV logos you get to play the mini game where your grape team has to duck, doge and dive their way through the opposing pineapple team to touchdown to win you 25 free games that pay out 5x your bets. The Fruit Bowl XXV slot game also has offers the popular Win-Win Feature that ensures that even the smallest feature on the game will give you a worthy prize. All in all very likely to make betting in slots all the more fun. You can try out this crazy fun slot game at Slots Oasis Casino.