Ivey’s Casino Winnings

Phil Ivey

Those who are interested in poker already know full well who Phil Ivey is: one of the most successful players of all time, regarded by many as the best player in the world today, and a man who has walked away with eight World Series of Poker bracelets. He is a living legend, but according to one company, Ivey’s casino winnings are just too good to be true.

He was playing the Punto Banco form of baccarat at the Crockfords casino over the August bank holiday weekend when he made the bets which have since raised controversy. The thirty five year old from California had already deposited £1 million to his account with the casino in order to show that he meant business, and now he was out to prove just how much business he meant. Punto Banco is not an overly complicated game in terms of how you win or lose, and for Ivey it was clearly no challenge at all – as he was able to rack up a staggering win of £7.3 million over the night.

However, the next twist in the tale was that Crockfords quite simply refused to allow him to take his winnings. They have called in investigators over their belief that he must have cheated in some way, and seem to have become obsessed with this idea – showing just how confident they must have felt about the house edge. They have conducted interviews with members of staff, checked the surveillance footage thoroughly, inspected the cards and the dealing shoe that were used, and took a look at just about any conceivable thing that he could have used to cheat.

The way we see it, this man is just that much better at betting in poker than anyone else. Naturally a casino might be upset when someone starts to cut into their profit margins by being too good, but ultimately they have to accept that – and it is very reasonable to suggest that a man who can master poker this well can also figure out how to play baccarat to his overall advantage.