MLB Betting

If you are interested in sports betting in US, especially MLB betting (betting on Major League Baseball) it is useful for you to learn how to read a typical baseball line. The information you will find in a betting line are:

MLB Betting

Date: the date of the match and time. Check if the sport-books is using an Eastern time zone or a Pacific time zone.

Teams: the first team is the visitor and the second team indicated is the home team.

Pitcher: in this column you find the pitchers for each time that will start the match. The first pitcher is very important in determining the odds of the game, even though is just on of the element that can decide the final result.

Money line: the favorite team is indicated with a negative number that indicates the amount you have to bet on this team to win $100. It can happen, but is very uncommon, that both teams have a number with a minus. The underdog is indicated with a positive number that in the amount you’ll win if you bet $100. Understanding the money line is pretty easy, what is more tricky is to make your betting choice. Yes, because it is the odds makers job to avoid all the public wagering only on one team, the favorite.

Run Line: you can bet on the point difference between the winning team and the one that looses. It is quite close to the ATS (against the spread) bet. Since in 1 out of four baseball match it is just one run that decide the final result, if you have a good source of information this bet can be very profitable.

Totals or over/under: this is a can of bet that can be found in many different sports. You can try to predict that total points scored by both teams at the end of the game, extra inning included, will be more or less that a certain number.

Parlays: with this bet you can choose a group of baseball teams and bet on them. To win a parlay bet all the teams you picked have to win their match. It’s a waker that pays well but be careful, in baseball is already difficult to pick one team, let alone more than one.

Prop Bets: there are a variety of other bets you can choose from like the pitcher with highest number of strikeouts, or number of home-run, etc..

Futures: in this bet you try to predict a future event like the the winning team in the division or in the championship. Usually you can make small stake and if you’re good and lucky, you’ll get big payout. Futures are a good option for those who gamble just for fun and do not want to risk big money. He only problem is that you have to wait the end of the season to see the result, and till then your money are blocked.

Season Wins: odds maker can list a number of victories for each team and you can bet over or under that number. In this case, the odds are determined by the public perception of a team strength and it is very common that underdogs do better than what expected and favorite are not good as in the previous season. The drawback is that your money are locked till the end of the season like in the futures.

With these above information you should be able to understand MLB betting odds more than other people. Now you can check your sports-book online and start wagering.