NFL Betting

The National Football League is the highest level of professional football in America and is the biggest league of the country. The game involves the best players from across the globe and has a huge following. To most people in America this is more than just a game, it’s a symbol of the country’s tradition and passion for sports. Although baseball (MLB betting is quite big too) is also very popular and is a much loved pastime, the emergence of the NFL made football the country’s favorite sport. The TV viewership has been colossal and ratings have gone over the roof.

NFL Betting

The game draws in a staggering 67,000 spectators per game on average! There are 32 teams in all. The league is separated into what is called two conferences which are the AFC – American Football Conference and the NFC – The National Football Conference. Each of these conferences has 4 divisions under them that have 4 teams each. The football season spans over 17 weeks and each team has one by week and they play 16 games. At the end of the regular season the NFL championship match known as the Super Bowl is played. And this is the mother of all televised games in America.

Besides being a great game to watch, the NFL is also the highest bet on. The sports books are on fire during football season with NFL betting. There are several bets that can be made but the biggest market is betting on the individual games and betting on who the winners for the entire season are going to be. The NFL is the most bet on sport in the world.

The main kinds of NFL betting are mentioned below:

Straight bets
It’s a bet that’s placed on a particular game or event based in the point spread. This means that you are betting on the possibility of the number of points that will be made between the two teams.

Totals also called Over/Under bets
Bets placed on the combined total of the score of both teams playing a certain game that is wagered on.

Parlay Bets
This is a bet placed on the possibility that two or more random teams will win.

Money Line wagers
The team you bet on must win.

Halftime Wagers
These are bets placed on the score that will be made in the first or the second half of the game.