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The USA is one of the big centres in the world for gambling, and at Bet in USA you can find all of the news and information that you need to get to grips with both online and offline gambling in the states. You will find out about sports betting tips to do with different leagues, the recent exploits of famed gamblers, the different casino games that you could try out if you wanted to begin playing, and even horse racing bets. You will need no other resource when you have this in your bookmarks to check back on!

Big win at Go Online Casino on Red White and Win slot

The progressive jackpot on the Red White and Win slots game was hit and the winning amount was close to $1 million. Go Casino was the casino that had the big winner who turned millionaire overnight. Betting in slots can be very rewarding for any online casino player.

Step into the Winter Wonderland

It’s not exactly winter season, but don’t you just wish it were? Winter is the most romantic and beautiful seasons of all and the whole season is associated with Christmas, presents, love and friendship and a lot of fun in the snow. Every neighborhood becomes a beautiful white land that keeps you gazing for hours […]

Wade and LeBron Make Miami Heat the Sports Betting Favorite

The discussion that has taken center stage in the USA sports betting industry currently would be about the drastic changes in sports betting for next year’s NBA championship, as predicted on OCA. With competent players moving to the Miami Heat, the Heat has earned as the top position for the Las Vegas sports books.

USA More Like China Than UK Regarding Internet Gambling

Over the past few months, China has been following the USA’s steps in cracking down online gambling and taking a totalitarian government approach. Interestingly China and USA government forces have spent the first half of 2010 prosecuting internet casino operators that offer betting in roulette, slots and other casino games, and snatching large sums of […]

Fans Fighting For A Seat At Final Oprah Show

The Queen of Daytime, Oprah Winfrey, has her final show of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2011 and many fans are fighting to get a seat at her live show. For more than twenty years she has been on her TV show that has influenced so many lives. Now online sportsbooks are having entertainment betting […]

Americans Love Sports Betting

Though sports betting is restricted in certain states in the US, it is believed that Americans love sports betting. Statistics prove that approximately 118m Americans aged 16 and above have placed wagers on sports during the past year. While this also accounts for illegal betting, 48 US states permit some form of gambling in their […]

Tarnished Tiger Treads Cautiously by Refusing Casino Sponsorship

Tiger Woods denied to take on the $75million offer by the online casino operator Paddy Power. Wood’s representatives said that he was not interested in the deal. You may know that many of his long time sponsors have deserted him after the sex scandal that broke out that almost recked his marriage to his wife […]

Online Sportsbooks Merge

Merge Gaming has roped in another major client to its popular gaming platform, and this time it is Jazette Enterprises who run the leading online sports betting in US sites like Sportsbook, PlayersOnly and SuperBook. This deal will enable Jazette Enterprises to offer its online poker activities using Merge Gaming platform.

New Orleans Saints Win The Super Bowl

In their 43 year old history the New Orleans Saints have finally won for the first time the Super Bowl. They won 31-17 against the Indianapolis Colts at the Sun Life Arena in Miami last night. Watch the video highlights below.

Online Sportsbooks Taking Wagers on Celebrity Relationships

Love is in the air, and there’s no better way to start off 2010 than with some new bling. Being a top profile celebrity allows little, if any, privacy. While most celebrity relationships last only for a short period, there are a few that actually make it to the altar, but how long the couple […]

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