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The USA is one of the big centres in the world for gambling, and at Bet in USA you can find all of the news and information that you need to get to grips with both online and offline gambling in the states. You will find out about sports betting tips to do with different leagues, the recent exploits of famed gamblers, the different casino games that you could try out if you wanted to begin playing, and even horse racing bets. You will need no other resource when you have this in your bookmarks to check back on!

Cherry Red Casino New Bonuses

Cherry Red Casino have new casino bonuses for new players and for their existing players. Besides launching a new welcome bonus for new players that is now $7,777 free, they are also giving their existing players special reload bonuses on games like slots, blackjack and video poker. The reload bonuses are offered on specific days […]

NFL Betting Preview Week 11

It’s a real pity this season. The NFL teams are performing so badly that it’s almost hard to find a top match up of playoff contending teams. This is turning out to be one of those seasons where there are just a few big games on the list.

Harrah’s Louisiana Casino Plans Ten Year Celebration

Some of the new casino ventures in the US could draw inspiration from the Harrah’s New Orleans casino. The casino had lots of troubles to face in the beginning, but it has emerged successfully from them. Today it is one of the most successful casinos in Louisiana!

Illinois Online Gambling Trends

Online gambling is one of the premier issues facing US since the ban on online gambling in US in 2006. Money is drained away from the US since there are some unregulated sites that still permit US players. Barney Frank took several steps that would support the online gambling industry in US.

Why Gambling In America Must Be Legalized

Let us see the various Anti Gambling Laws in America and discuss why American Online Gambling needs to be legalized. Microgaming started their initial Casino Software in 1994/5. There were issues on Telephone Betting (for sports betting in US) during this period.

Internet Gambling Bill Gets More Congressional Support

With four more congressmen joining the co-sponsor club in support of regulating internet gambling, Barney Frank and his Financial Services Committee could not be more optimistic about their mission to regulate gambling and overturn the UIGEA. The bill is likely to be presented in the near future and during this waiting period, many co-sponsors are […]

USA Housewives Love Roulette

Roulette commonly known as the ‘wheel game’ is very popular in both land based and online casinos. It is a thrilling game of chance and money and is a favorite among housewives in the USA. The game allows players to bet on either a number, color or an odd or even number, and is played […]

Barney Frank Online Gambling Bill Gains Four New Co-Sponsors

Representative Barney Frank’s concerted efforts to overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is paying off, as he is getting more support than he ever did over the past year, and is optimistic that this effort will be well worth it!

Anti-Gambling Association Confused By Online Casino Ruling

A gaming expert recently reported that Tom Grey of Stop Predatory Gambling and the reporter from one of America’s news network who interviewed him are somewhat confused by a recent count ruling with regard to the UIGEA and online casinos. According to an online gambling analyst, the two make several misrepresentations in their article leading […]

MGM Mirage And Disney New Las Vegas Casino

With the economy at an all time low and many companies facing financial disaster the need of the hour is probably joint ventures and partnerships that would help overcome this grim situation. In this context, MGM Mirage and Disney have taken the lead and are planning a tie-up to build a Disney themed casino in […]

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