Texas Considering Casino Gambling

I just don’t see why people have to oppose US casino gambling on moral grounds. Well, that is exactly what the lawmakers of Texas have to say for their legislators’ preparation in listening to debates about legalizing casinos. It is not that Texans are not keen on gambling as the Texas Gaming Association has revealed that many Texans are gambling.

I mean imagine the boost that legalization of casinos and online casinos can give to the economy of the state and I am sure the lawmakers won’t be complaining then. It does not make much sense to me because Texans love their gambling and right now they are left with no choice but to visit Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nevada and other gambling destinations to indulge their gambling cravings. Some estimates even say that they spend as much as $4billion on gambling.

What Texas State House Representative Mike Hamilton had to say was worth laughing at as he suggested putting up a toll road on the Louisiana border to charge all the Texans who were travelling back and forth for gambling. Texas Gaming Association estimates that taxes alone will bring in revenue of $1.2billion each year if casinos are legalized and I don’t see why the lawmakers can’t see this is the kind of money that the economy of Texas can turn its back on given the current budget deficits. The proposal is not going to be all about casinos as they are also planning on resorts, night life destinations, golf courses along with gambling houses. The proposal also states that the money raised from casino gambling will be used to finance aid for higher education and property tax relief fund.

Pat Carlson, President of the Texas Eagle Forum had to say that casino gambling would hurt the gamblers who least could afford it. He also added that it exploits the poor and that the poor are the ones who gamble in the hope of making it big. So, it is wait and watch time for me again.