US on the road to legalizing online gambling

Online Gambling

Gamblers have been battling the issue of the legalization of online gambling in the US for a long, long time now. But finally, it looks like the US internet gambling laws will finally see some reforms. Hopefully those who want to bet in USA won’t have to wait too much longer, with the Obama administration having cleared the path for the US to legalize internet poker and other forms of online betting. The interesting thing is that US Department have released an opinion which is the reverse of the gambling policy that has been in effect for decades now.

Until now the Department of Justice said that all forms of online gambling was illegal under the Wire Act of 1961. The act prohibits placing wagers across state lines and international border. But they have come up with a whole new interpretation of the act and said that it applies only to bets made on “sporting events or contests”. The act does not prohibit the state’s use of the internet to sell lottery tickets to adults outside its borders. Well, whether or not the Justice Department just came up with this new interpretation all of sudden or not is really of no concern. What matters is that online gambling will finally be legal in the US and proper regulations. The Obama Administration allows the state to choose if they wish to legalize online gambling. Now we just need to wait and see which state will pounce on this opportunity first. My bet is on Nevada.